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I'm back and i'm hitting the beats hard and heavy!

2009-04-12 09:28:02 by BlackVen0m

I've been working on my bass and filters a lot to get the bass I've been looking to get for months now. I'm actually getting closer by testing it in my new song that's a WIP (Work In Progress) White Crow. I'm actually aiming to make bass like what Calyx&TeeBee make along with some Spor with some Bassnectar styled bass that I've built up.

It has been hectic the last few months but i'm eventually getting the hang of how D'n'B works now. Start soft then slam in heavy like smashing someone over the head with a solid piece of 2 x 4 wood!
anyway, be safe!

Lately I haven't been able to make much music but I have decided to team up with my friend in real life and make music together.

I have no clue why I can't make much music, Maybe I should try harder or take a break.... Who knows? anyway, I just wanted to let you know how things are going... :P

As some of you may already know I have been working on my flash skills a bit late last year and I had posted a short and very pointless flash movie to see if my skills were up to scratch. Got some good criticism but alot of it was just whinging and complaining saying: "why would you post something like this for?" well it was obvious they were the idiots that never read the movies description...

But anyway, I'm doing some more work as you are reading this now, But I might eventually have to stop it as my life keeps pulling me away from my computer.... Anyway, I hope to get it done.... If I can....

I was just doing some more work on some of my songs when I went to check the progress on all my music and suddenly I see every single one of my songs suddenly drop almost over an entire point cause of a 0 bombing noob! whoever you are you are a seriously disrespectful person and I hope you die a painful death.... I am deadly serious!

But them 0 bombing me just shows them that I am serious competition! Lol, noob thinks they can stop me... AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!!!

OMG NEWS!!! from me? of course!

2008-12-14 21:49:11 by BlackVen0m

Well, Hi! And er.... Welcome? I don't know how I'd start this off but I guess I just did... Anyway...
I have an obsession of creating "Drum 'n' Bass" styled music ever since I heard it when I was younger. Calyx was the person that brought me into D'n'B in the first place with the song he made called "Get Myself to You". That song just brought my mind to a whole new world of music and creativity!

Before hearing that song I usually just sat down all day and played video games but now I have a brand new passion and hobby and thats making music and recently I feel that it's starting to become one of my life time goals to become a great D'n'B artist.

Now I have been making music ever since early August 2008 and I'm sure I'll never want to stop at all! I want to keep those speakers thumpin' so hard that your eardrums might actually sink into your brain.

May the music control your minds, Lose control of all thought and let the music take you to a place where no harm or negativity may occur.... A world.... Of your dreams!