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OMG NEWS!!! from me? of course!

2008-12-14 21:49:11 by BlackVen0m

Well, Hi! And er.... Welcome? I don't know how I'd start this off but I guess I just did... Anyway...
I have an obsession of creating "Drum 'n' Bass" styled music ever since I heard it when I was younger. Calyx was the person that brought me into D'n'B in the first place with the song he made called "Get Myself to You". That song just brought my mind to a whole new world of music and creativity!

Before hearing that song I usually just sat down all day and played video games but now I have a brand new passion and hobby and thats making music and recently I feel that it's starting to become one of my life time goals to become a great D'n'B artist.

Now I have been making music ever since early August 2008 and I'm sure I'll never want to stop at all! I want to keep those speakers thumpin' so hard that your eardrums might actually sink into your brain.

May the music control your minds, Lose control of all thought and let the music take you to a place where no harm or negativity may occur.... A world.... Of your dreams!


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