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Entry #5

I'm back and i'm hitting the beats hard and heavy!

2009-04-12 09:28:02 by BlackVen0m

I've been working on my bass and filters a lot to get the bass I've been looking to get for months now. I'm actually getting closer by testing it in my new song that's a WIP (Work In Progress) White Crow. I'm actually aiming to make bass like what Calyx&TeeBee make along with some Spor with some Bassnectar styled bass that I've built up.

It has been hectic the last few months but i'm eventually getting the hang of how D'n'B works now. Start soft then slam in heavy like smashing someone over the head with a solid piece of 2 x 4 wood!
anyway, be safe!


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2009-08-18 06:32:26

Hi there, tis me, Erk.

BlackVen0m responds:

hey there xD


2010-08-08 21:17:05

Sweet music dude, keep up the good work!