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Wow, be warned, theres a high leveled 0 bomber around here!

2008-12-16 07:59:04 by BlackVen0m

I was just doing some more work on some of my songs when I went to check the progress on all my music and suddenly I see every single one of my songs suddenly drop almost over an entire point cause of a 0 bombing noob! whoever you are you are a seriously disrespectful person and I hope you die a painful death.... I am deadly serious!

But them 0 bombing me just shows them that I am serious competition! Lol, noob thinks they can stop me... AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!!!


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2008-12-17 10:47:22

I've had a problem with this in my flash. It went from 3.67 - 3.20!

BlackVen0m responds:

Pretty much everyone these days knows how you feel... Everybody is being bombarded buy these brainless idiots...


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